Love Means Nothing

Today we took a break from being tourists and treated ourselves to a terrific day of tennis at the St, Petersburg Open.  Leaving cameras at home, we Metro’d to the stadium and got second row seats to some great tennis.  Being a relatively small tournament, players wandered around the grounds freely and we walked past some great pro tennis players Shirley and I know well – Verdasco, Baghdatis, Tipsarevic and others.  We saw several matches and watched the great Mikhail Youzhniy, whom I had just watched play so well at the US Open a week ago, in a doubles match against fellow Russian Tursonov.

I did manage a few bad photographs on my ipad.

It was great fun to be away from the tourist spots and mix with regular Petersburgers, who rarely speak English.  Much air tennis was played in trying to describe where we were wanting to go, with marginal success.  A great day, and so different than all our others!



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