In the country that produced Kafka and Cerny, the national sense of humour is variously dark, ironic, sardonic and 8-year-old schoolboy, but pervasive. Also apparently contagious. I got a kick out of some translations to English and enjoyed shop windows. I started photographing colourful people in Prague and realized I had only done this once before, in Florence. Conclusion: colourful people drive cars. They only walk when cars are prohibited.

A goulash gallery:



2 thoughts on “Bohemia

  1. Some fun photos Jan…gives a nice feel for life on the street. What is your next stop?You must be close to the time of your return home! XO Joyce

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  2. Hi Joyce,

    I am in Vienna now and heading to Munich on Sunday, heading home next Friday so still a week to go! It just got cold here altho sunny and blue sky, fun, people are in winter coats and touques! I bought a down vest, hope that will keep me going…

    Jan xo

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