Thanks to Life!


All paths lead to the same goal:
to convey to others what we are.

                                                                                                – Pablo Neruda

Our path on this journey will take us to Santiago, Chile for 5 nights, with day trips to Valparaiso, Vina del Mar and Isla Negra; a flight to Argentina’s renowned wine region, Mendoza, for 3 nights, and another quick flight to Buenos Aires for 6 nights with day trips to Tigre and the Pampas region. There will be wine tasting, cooking classes, tango, concerts, a boat trip, a horse show and asado.

This trip and our pre-trip studies will focus on human rights and how Chile’s and Argentina’s tragic histories shaped the national character of each country’s citizens.   We will tour Chile’s Museum of Memory and Human Rights:


and visit the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires where the Madres, mothers and grandmothers, continue to protest weekly for those thousands who disappeared during military rule between 1976 and 1983:


We’ll visit the homes of poet-activist Pablo Neruda and the folksinger-activist Violeta Parra whose most important song, Thanks to Life!, became a call to action in opposition to Chile’s Pinochet years.

image image








5 thoughts on “Thanks to Life!

  1. It all sounds very exciting and you look so pretty in your departure photo.Looking forward to future accounts of your new experiences .Love and Hugs to you and Margaret.

  2. Precious Lady! I am so thrilled you are embarking on another deep sojourn. It is so special that classes are taught so you feel a deep simpatico with the people of these exquisite and tragic peoples. I was afraid your trekking days were over when you had foot problems – probably walking too much in Russia. I did go on a trek in England this last summer along the Atlantic Coast of Cornwall with a friend from Kauai. We did an average of 10miles/day, which was more than was billed. But made it and had some lovely experiences. Went with Contours, a company in the British Isles that has dozens of walking trips for solos (my friend did Ireland the year before solo), arrange places to stay, usually smallish n&j b types with wonderful breakfasts, and shlepped our luggage from place to place. This summer is packed (will be renting a little place in Orcas Island mid June to mid July to support my 9 yr old grandson who is going away from home a first time to Four Winds Camp. He said he would go if a family member was there on island, so, being the martyr I am, I agreed. So if you want some r&r please consider visiting me. Won’t be fancy, but beautiful. Called Turtlehead Farm. Have a fabulous, safe journey and I love your blogs so keep them coming. My friend kept one during our walk and as yours, many pictures were of our meals! LOL. Warm Aloha, Candy

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  3. Safe travels Jan! Have a wonderful trip!

    Allayne 😘

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  4. Thanks, Jan for keeping me posted. Im ;cooling forward to hearing of your adventures when you return. Hugs, Joan >

  5. Hi Jan, This sounds like a fabulous trip. I looked it up on the UVic site and see that Christine Forster is your guide. She is imminently qualified and you will be in great hands. I look forward to following your blog with great interest. 😊🛳 Buen viaje. Aurelie

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