Adios Chile, Hola Argentina

Before departing Chile we visited La Moneda, the Chilean Parliament, in which was exhibited the work of some of the most important modern Latin American artists, including a Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and many others.

Carlos Cruz-Diaz
Francisca Aninat
Roberto Matta
Juan O’Gorman
Diego Rivera
Frida Kahlo

Chile is a dynamic country and Santiago a vibrant city. We were able to experience its city life and culture, learn about its agriculture and visit its breathtaking west coast. The food and variety of restaurants was amazing and our hotel was lovely. We had several enjoyable evenings winding down our days with a glass of wine with new friends.

We caught a short flight to Mendoza, Argentina and almost immediately went out for our first group dinner in this country. We had some wonderful Italian food in a private room at Cava Marchigiana, and our first tastes of the legendary Argentine steak.

Buenos Noches,


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