After travelling to northern Spain on a U. Vic study tour in 2015, I was delighted to learn there would be an opportunity this year to see southern Spain with the two mujeres bonitas, Rosa and Chrissie (also the tour leaders on our South American tour last year), who were our leaders on the northern half.  Booked!


Then, Royal Heights (whose tours I have been on to Greece and Egypt) posted a trip to Turkey starting 3 days after the Spain trip ends.  A plan!  

After 3 extra days in Barcelona to recharge, I fly to Istanbul.  Even better, a new friend, Yasuko, from the South America trip decided to do the same thing, so I will have company.  And Bonnie joining us in Barcelona, I’m excited!



Southern Spain will be the perfect entree to Turkey, although the historical timelines of the two countries are inverted.  It seems there is room in the world for at least two religious empires at once.  The Moors (muslims from the east) occupied southern Spain in a glorious empire from about 711 AD to 1492, after which the Catholics, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, expelled anyone who wouldn’t convert to Catholicism and a new Spanish Golden Age soon began. The country today remains mainly Catholic.


 Meanwhile, from about 330 AD to 1453, Constantinople and Byzantium were the true headquarters of the Roman Empire and Christianity while Rome was left behind as a backwater after the fall of the Empire there.   At the crossroads of two trade routes and militarily defensible, glittering Byzantium had incredible wealth – architecture, gold, mosaics, spices and more.   Then the Muslims invaded and the Ottoman Empire ruled in what is now Turkey from 1453 until 1923.  


Turkey also closes the circle of the Medterranean for me on our ancient foundation and we will visit many Roman and Greek ruins including perhaps the most famous of all, Troy.

The journey is the thing.

                                                                                   – Homer

So once again, heading out to do the thing!





12 thoughts on “Synchronicity

  1. Exciting!! Have a great trip! Looking forward to seeing your posts!

    See you later in May!


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  2. Here she goes again. I learn so much on your journeys! Fair Winds & Aloha, Candy

  3. Bon voyage Jan! Have a wonderful adventure and safe trip! So glad Bon is joining you in Barcelona, enjoy the precious time spent together, making memories with your sis! 😘


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  4. Bon Voyage Jan,
    How very exciting that you have friends to travel with.There is so much to experience on both parts of your adventure.
    It was a pleasant surprise to receive your first
    blog and I look forward to reading more as
    your journey unfolds.
    Take good care of yourself and enjoy every
    minute of the days ahead.😘😘😘😘 Joyce

  5. Hi Jan, I am so excited for you. Have a wonderful trip! Beverly

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  6. Wow … what a great trip you have in front of you Jan.
    Happy travels! I will be thinking of you, and reading about your trip (thanks for the blog!!) as I travel around England

  7. Thanks, Allayne. See you soon hopefully, likely Anna’s b-day. have some suggestions about Italy for you.

    Jan XO


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