The Road to Zaragoza

Just before we hit the road I have to jump back and mention that in Barcelona, we attended the Opera y Flamenco concert in the glowing Spanish art nouveau theatre, the Palau de la Musica.

image imageimage  image image image

After setting out on our adventure to our first stop outside Barcelona, we popped in to a co-operative wine cellar for a tour, tasting, and lunch. Gerard punctuated his informative tour with many of his own gems.

“The monks originated all the great drinks – vermouth, benedictine, etc., because the priests knew you know God better if you drink something before you talk to him.”

“The Nationalist military refused to give soldiers a drink of wine, pity, because if they had given wine to both sides, civil war would have ended a lot sooner.”

image image image image image

After a great lunch, we headed for Zaragoza which was, for me, a complete unknown…


1 thought on “The Road to Zaragoza

  1. Opera ,wine tasting ,thrilling architecture….life doesn’t get any better than that, XOXO Joyce Sent from my iPhone


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