A bonus: A Caruna

En route to Santiago de Compostela today; a slight change in schedule allowed us time for a stop in A Coruna in the Galicia region. This coastal town has a major port for shipping and cruise ships. The town sparkles with white buildings and expansive squares. A gorgeous cathedral lines the Plaza Mayor. Here we stopped for the healthiest lunch I have had so far – a delicious broth that is a local specialty followed by a salad of artichoke, white asparagus, tuna, hard boiled egg and greens.


The city is on one of the many routes of the Camino pilgrimage, and we saw walkers with their backpacks and walking sticks, including a triple amputee using prosthetics.

The Galician area of Spain is another fiercely independent “nation.” Tucked into the northwest corner of Spain bordering on Portugal, the Galicians’ unique language sounds like a blend of Portuguese and Castillian. They have their own cuisine and a proud history that predates the 1492 union of Spain.

After lunch we had a side tour of the city including a stop at the UNESCO world heritage site: the Roman tower of Hercules. It was built by at least the 2nd Century AD, modelled on the lighthouse at Alexandria.


Most tours have tightly controlled regimes which don’t deviate – one of the things making this trip so special is the spontaneity and local knowledge of Rosa and Chrissy. There seem to be new surprises every day!



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