Eating Light

We started our day with a bus/walking tour of Oviedo, again led by Rene. He said, repeatedly, with a perfectly straight face, “c’mon, I show you the next place — we go with happiness.”

At Chrissy’s request we were taken for a photo opp of the modern architecture of famed Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

image image

After visiting this dramatic grasshopper of a building, we walked to the old town. We visited the beautiful Cathedral of San Salvador and a fantastic market full of fish, meats and cheeses. We had decided to “skip” dinner tonite and everyone picked up items from the market for an 8:00 pm casual get together.

image image image


image image image
The shroud, which gave purpose to this cathedral


In the meantime, lunch was necessary. Our menu lunch included the best starter yet, large, sweet onions stuffed with tuna and baked. It was good enough to warrant licking the bowl; luckily we had bread to keep us polite. Of course we had to have more local sidre to fill out the meal. The onions were a hard act to follow and the stuffed sole wasn’t my favourite, but overall, I haven’t had a meal I haven’t loved in Spain.


More shopping and visits to both art galleries rounded out the day.  We continue to find the markers showing we are still following the Camino, the long route the pilgrims take to Santiago de Compostela.


Chrissy arranged for us to use the breakfast room for our evening “meeting,” which involved a pot luck feast of gorgeous cheeses, bread, chorizo, sweets, red and white wines, sidre, and dessert wine from our winery visit. “No dinner,” indeed.


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