Land of the Pharaohs

First steps on another journey, this time to one of the most mystical, magical places on Earth.  Home to the only remaining intact wonder of the ancient world, the pyramids will fall on my gaze as soon as tomorrow nite.  From the fascinating, teeming culture of Cairo, the awe of Alexander the Great in Alexandria to the tombs of some of the most powerful leaders the world has ever known, I am restless with anticipation.

The plan is to travel by air, camel, fallucca sailboat, horse and buggy and more.


From Hatshepsut to Cleopatra, I am looking forward to immediate, tactile impressions of powerful women in Egypt’s history.  Off I go!


Have a great couple of weeks!  C U soon!


6 thoughts on “Land of the Pharaohs

  1. Have a wonderful time!!!! Looking forward to hearing about it all!

    Happy and safe travels Xo Allayne

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  2. Aloha Candy!!

    How are you? So lovely to hear from you!

    At Heathrow just waiting for our flight to Cairo – I am with a lovely group – our hotel overlooks the Pyramids, I cannot believe I am going to see them in a few hours!

    We had a different Christmas this year, my brother-in-laws family wanted to host us in their home town of Kamloops in BC (you might have gone thru it on the Rocky Mountineer) – its a retched place and we had a horrendous icy 6-hour drive home, but we had a nice time while we were there. A bunch were going skiing so Bonnie and rode up the mountain on a chairlift and snowshoed down – it was fun.

    I’ll send you some cute photos of Bonnie’s dog Honey who is not allowed up on the bed (Chris) and was on Chris’s side of the bed.

    I hope you are well, what is happening in your life?

    Aloha, love,


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  3. Jan,

    So happy to have received your email. First, because I am looking forward

    to experiencing the journey vicariously through you. And second, because

    we had no idea you were going away! J I guess LoBo forgot to mention it!

    Enjoy and stay safe!

    Much love, Mark

  4. Hey, Mark! Great to hear from you! Travel is opening up here, security is incredible. Amazing first day, but need some zzzzzzs, will have some time to post tomorrow. Looking fwd to seeing you all in September. Jan XO

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