Quintessential Amsterdam

I fell in love with the City immediately, and managed to squeeze in a few things other than museums.  Well, one extra museum too!   I had a fairly quick visit to the Hermitage and the exhibition of jewelry of the Czars.  It included jewelry, treasures, clothing and portraits of women wearing the jewelry, including a portrait of Catherine the Great in her later years.  The jewely with what appears to be cameos are actually exquisite papier-mache.  I want the purple dress (and the waistline)!





I must have seen a million bicycles, all ages ride them.  Brilliant!  Even a packed bicycle parkade.



Canal Ride

I would say a boat ride on Amsterdam’s canals is the quintessential experience, but others might think the red light district, beer culture or pot cafes are quintessential.  There is something for everyone!


The shopping is great, too.


I lucked out with the weather, making this a good time to come, still lots of tourists around but not as crowded at the main sites as it would be other times of year.  The weather was predicted to be part sun, part cloud, but the sun was kind of like the vermouth in my Dad’s martini, just a spritz of the thinnest possible sun – but I didn’t get caught in any rain, either.  I could come here over and over and still have more to see – I think it’s the Barcelona of the north!





1 thought on “Quintessential Amsterdam

  1. What a great few days.It’s easy to see why you love Amsterdam.There is so much to see and do in that beautiful city.Your photos are amazing and the best advertising for attracting people to follow in your footsteps.XO Joyce

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